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In Cyprus most  Cypriots prefer to get married in our  churches. The christian orthodox church allows Christians Catholics and other christian types of religion to get married in their churches. The purpose of this article is to help people from all over the world that would like to get married in Cyprus.

The most common wedding ceremonies in Cyprus based on European preferences are civil ceremonies. Civil ceremonies are very popular now in Cyprus and it take places in town halls and in any other authorized area such as a beach venues, hotel venues, garden venues. Your civil marriage is legal in your country and recognized ( but please make your own research too).

There are some legal requirements to keep in mind!

  • Apply in personal at a marriage officer for your wedding. You can go to a municipality of your choice and provide all required documentation.
  • Be in Cyprus 3 business days before your wedding
  • During the ceremony you need to have 2 witnesses
  • All the above applies to Cypriot citizens and Foreigners

Required Documentation:

  • Passport. Make sure your passport is not expired and it is valid for the next 6 months since your marriage.
  • A photocopy (have two with you just in case please) of the photo page of your and your fiance’s passport
  • A photocopy (two of you just in case please) of the photo page of each of your two witnesses
  • Couple’s Birth certificate
  • If you wish to change your name, please have with you a name change deed poll certificate
  • A sworn affidavit or statutory declaration from a solicitor for oaths or notary public. Need to have the solicitor business card and stamp for approval.

In cases of divorced partner:

Need to provide a decree of the absolution of the previous marriage.

In case of widowed partner:

Need a death certificate of your prior spouse.

-If you’re a non-UK citizen, you’ll require a certificate of no impediment bearing the apostille stamp.

Marriage fees:

  • €128 (113) for the civil ceremony
  • €281 (£247) for the urgency application, which allows your ceremony to take place within three days as opposed to the normal 15


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