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Would you like to recall your wedding memories? Then you had choosen the best destination! You are in the most romantic place.


Excellent taste

  • Sizzler’s Restaurant

All the restaurants are family business and they provide excellent service and food! You are partner will be amazed and lets you love raise again.

If you would are looking for directions:’s+Steak+and+Flambe+House/@35.0314534,34.0393715,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x9d5e62442a55e4f9?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwigk4-Gj7zbAhWFiiwKHXJnAhUQ_BIIiQEwCg





Restaurants with panoromic views

-Roof  Burger in Grecian Park Hotel

Do you have kids and you would like playground and sea view?

  • Di Capilla Restaurant in front of pedestrian bath can combine playground and quite lovely time. One of the best chef of the island create their food menu
  • Next to Di Capilla there is ZAFIROS restaurant as well which is the same concept

Would you like to go for a drink?

  • KOI it is located in front of fig tree bay ( Capo Bay Hotel)
  • Clift in Grecian Park ( SUPER ROMANTIC AND CALM go in week days)
  • Sirena Bay (but I think it is not open yet)

Would you like to cook for you on the table Japanese food and see chef tricks

  • Hokaido in Agia Napa

Would you like to seat on the river and have your lunch or dinner in front of the river

  • Restaurants in the river of Liopetri it is one choice

Would you like to have your dinner in front of harbor in Agia Napa

  • Vasos Taverna it is one choice for you.


  • River of Liopetri Restaurants




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