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That article is written in sarcastic way just to understand how tours operatos , full packages hotels contribute in collapsing of tourist sector of my home town.

You booked your holidays with all inclusive and it is your first time in Cyprus. Already you pay 100s of euros for your accommodation and all inclusive meals and for first day or second day you start regret.

Hmmm… Let’s analysed the fact that you spend so much money already before you reach either in your destination. So you budget is limited.

If you rent a car from tour operators the price can be higher per a day but if you ask locals price will be better even without security deposits, if you book excursion with tour operators prices are expensive or the same if you book from local office. If you go and eat you will met locals and better taste food.

You get into a trap because….

First of all you can find cheaper accommodation if you rent house or apartment from locals , secondly you will not feel bored sitting at the same hotel watching the same people ,eating the same buffet menu and be disappointing with such a low quality. 

You will just visit Cyprus without experiencing our locals food, culture, people and traditions.  If hotels and anyone does not reply to you direct booking contact them again and again.  You are my hope ,your are lovely lets cooperate and bring back direct bookings and good quality of tourism




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