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What is the weather like in Cyprus ? Do you agree with our notes and article ? Feel free to comment and describe your experiences to let the others know !!!

If you would like you check the weather online

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The photo is taking in Liopetris River evening time!

April – May The days are pleasantly warm during this time, but may be slightly cold in the evenings. This is an excellent season for those who prefer to enjoy nature, as the landscape is green and the flowers are in bloom. The recommended clothing is: – Medium weight and summer wear. – Light knitwear or long-sleeved cotton for the evening.

June July August The hottest months of summer, which are ideal for swimming and all activities on the beach. Clothing  Very light summer clothes.

September – October Hot days and cool evenings in October. Swimming, sunbathing and water sports are still at their best during this time. Lightweight clothing a day. – Medium weight clothing for the evenings in October.

November Offers pleasantly hot days and cool evenings. You can also enjoy your outdoor meal, even sunbathing and swimming along with most outdoor sports. The weather is ideal for autumn trips. The recommended clothing is: – Medium weight apparel. – Light knitwear.

December – January Winter months for the Cypriots, but they can be considered as autumn months by foreign visitors. It may occasionally rain. Guests can also enjoy outdoor activities and excursions.Winter clothing, but heavy coats are not required.

February The weather is volatile, with the possibility of hot days and sporadic rains. While temperatures are spring props, it can be quite cold in the evenings. The almonds are full of bloom and the conditions are ideal for winter skiing in the Troodos Mountains.Winter clothing.

March The weather is moderate, with plenty of sun and nature at its best. You can enjoy outdoor activities. March is an excellent time for a walk. Medium-weight winter clothing.





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