Tselefos Bridge and Arsos Village( photos and videos)

Would you like to have a ride in mountains and see beautiful river, dam, countryside and taste our traditional food? We have adorable choice for you.



We visited Tselefos Bridge. Tselefos bridge is at altitude 440 meters in the Paphos Forest( at the end I will add the link from google maps).  The route is wonderful and you will enjoy nice view during your driving.



From the Tselefos Bridge you can see a dam close by. The Dam of Arminiou. In the video you can see the dam as well. At far end of the video is the Dam.


The bridge connect Ayio Nikolaos , Kaminaria and Treis Elies with the villages Milikouri , Vretsia and Agios Ioannis. In the Ancient time evidence show that the bridge was called Bridge of Vokaria. The current name of bridge Tselefos comes from the greek word kelifos which can be translated as the word shell in english.



Really close to Tselefos Bridge is Arso village and Omodos too. In this article we will show Arso village. Some people believe that name Arsos comes from the Holy Alsos (grove) of the goddess Aphrodite, where the village is built. The other version says that it was one of the 4 towns founded by Ptolemy Philadelphos in the honour of Arsinoe. It is important to say that all the inhabitans they make their own wine, they grown grapes and they are famous of producing zivania.


You can find nice taverns to eat and there is one church in the center. Also next to the center there is one restaurant that make souvlaki. Follow the smell and you will see it:)


If you have more time you can visit Zivania Museum. I will add the link too is in Vasa Village.

More information you can find here :

Zivania Museum in Vasa Kilaniou

Here are directions in google maps for Tselefos Bridge:


Here is the link for Arsos Village :https://www.google.com/maps/place/Arsos/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x14e73f05e1712927:0x59663200ea268f44?ved=2ahUKEwja0N-F_aHgAhVRhaYKHWLACSkQ8gEwD3oECAYQCA

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