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At the moment is 04.14 and I have an hour free time until my boarding time! Airport are always inspiring places for bloggers to start typing in their keyboard, because is when your new journey of discovering new places might starts, continues or ends.


In every journey I find the way to meet nice people, helping each other by giving directions or even give my seat if someone needed it more! This times I was lucky by giving free seat like that

But because the guy next to me was tall I ask him if he want my seat and he was impressed and amazed that I did that! So I gave me luxury seat to someone who needed more than me! Travelling is not just to reach to your destination!

When a cypriot girl travel to Europe finds everything amazing stopping to take photos of airports, bus stations! You will understand what I mean!!



My journey , our journey is to visit North of Spain it is just starting. This winter we are going to discover different wine villages in Spain, experiencing Spanish culture and of course try pitchos with beer ( I will try ) , wine and of course hot chocolates from different cities.

Let me introduce you the city that we will discover the most. The city we will discover most is one of the cities with the most friendly people in Spain and the smallest autonomous city in Spain. Now you can guess ! The answer is La Rioja and the city of Logrono. Logrono has 50.000 citizens ( which for me is the double size of citizens comparte to my home town) , famous for wine production worldwide and the lovely countryside too. Benefits of Logrono is that is cosy but is hard to access other cities of Spain because there is limited transportation.

For this winter we will experience train tour together , cultural activities , countryside and some areas around La Rioja such as famous Bilbao, Paplona , Saint Sebastian , Madrid in December. I am going to invest my time in learning Spanish , adapting myself to new culture and discover the beauty of Spanish traditions and habits.


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