Transportation: Taxis and Buses

One of the most important information is the prices for transportation.

In Cyprus we don’t have trains, undergrounds and huge roads with bus lanes.

But we do have buses and taxis 🙂



If you would like to take a taxis from Larnaka airport to Protaras for 5 people will cost minimum 55 euros. If you are 7 people then price will start from 70euros. Mini van the price will start from 90euros.

If you would like to take bus from the airport to Protaras there is suttle bus KAPNOS and the price is more or less 7 euros only.  If you would like to the the public bus more or less will cost you the same but you need to stop in some places.

Taxis from Protaras to Agia Napa it start from 12 euros the price one way to take you

Buses from Protaras to Agia Napa is 102 bus and it is 1.50euro each way and run every 20 minutes in the season.


Also the roads are easy to drive and we drive with the same side as United Kingdom.

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