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We all love sunshine but what we need always to keep in mind some tips….

I am from Cyprus , I enjoy the sunshine only after 16:00 clock if I get time! I am protecting myself from sunshine and here are some of my tricks that I follow in my daily life !

  1. add sun cream lotion especially in my face! Keep reminding myself that I need to renew it every two hours
  2. every year but new sun cream and not using the ones from last year because they expired and they don’t protect me from the sun
  3. keep myself in a shadow as many hours as possible
  4. carry with me bottle of water everywhere
  5. wearing my glasses which are sunglasses all day


What else we should do to protect ourselves from sun ?

  1. wearing hat every time we are outside
  2. add your sun cream 20 – 30 minutes before you go outside
  3. wearing clothes until our knee to protect our legs




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