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Lovely friend and customers we would like to say thank for using our blog and our car hire services. Because we do care about your health and safety during your holidays in Cyprus, we summarize a list of tips that you should be aware while you are driving in Cyprus.

  1. Stay focus. While you are driving be focus all the time. Keep your attention 100 percent to the road. Because Cypriots are rarely indicate in roundabouts. Also another bad habit is that they turn on warming lights and they might stop in the middle of the road to chat with their friends. Don’t use your electronic devices while you are driving please. Slow down , there is no reason to be in hurry you are on holidays! Relax and enjoying driving.
  2. Defense is the best way! Before you start driving we will advice you how you can adjust your seat to be comfortable, mirrors left and right and temperature of the air condition to feel comfortable while you are driving.  Be aware of other drives in the road and keep your distance. Be aware what they are expected to do. If you see any motorbike assume the motorsists will do something crazy or silly.
  3. Plan your day trip with safety. Add time in your day trip for a short driving breaks or food break. Calculate the time you need to reach your destination, the time are you going to spend there and the time that you are going to come back. Do not get exhausted and feel sleepy while you are driving back. You do not to see all Cyprus  in one day. We have plenty of destinations and you are always welcome to our island keep destinations for the next days too and next time you are coming.
  4. Practice safety. Do not attempt to take any item from the floor. Wear your seat belt always( in front and back sites please). Avoid driving when you are tired. We can always have two drivers in the insurance document without extra charge for that reason. Indicate always what you are doing even if the others they dont.


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