Some people are saying that coming back for every traveling we are never the same . Well if we are travelers that we observe, willing to learn and get out of our comfortable zone , then each destination is a UNIQUE experience.

If you would like to be part of my UNIQUE experience then you can visit this blog and find different destinations and hidden places in Cyprus mostly and in some countries in Europe. Here are some sections:

  • Beaches
  • Days Trips
  • Quizes
  • Tips and others.

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Meet Georgia Eleftheria Tsiolakki : CEO of Windmills Car Hire / Social Media Manager/ Blogger

Each destination has different beauty to show us ,another life lesson to give us and it is another spot in our hearts.  Apart from learning history , visiting sightseings and museums , from each journey we can restore humanity and spread our message for humanity. Buying food to homeless people , chat with some people while you are waiting the bus, go for a coffee or for a meal alone and enjoying yourself. Getting lost ( at day time ) and not in a places that are isolated to discover new places for photoshouting.

Through my experiences in traveling I am going to write some tips and advice and areas that you should be aware before your travel. I hope you enjoy it and lets rock our life full with travels memories!

I hope to enjoy our blog and let’s discover Cyprus together !!!!