Tip: How to start your savings for your next travelling in Cyprus!

My blog is all about traveling , photography, sharing and caring for each other. I will like to share some of my tips, how I can travel so much. First of all when you travel you do not need thousands of money if you know the way to plan your travel smart( soon will be uploaded article about that).

I add in my resolutions for every year my travel and I plan for my destinations. I choose destination which I can afford at this stage of my life. So I create a saving plan for my travelling.

  • I start a dedicated travel fun
  • Spend less money on lunch
  • spend less money in fancy coffees
  • eat out less in general
  • another advice is reduce usage of your car because in another countries the public transportation can be cheaper and more comfortable to use as well.
  • reduce as much as possible utility bills, phone contracts if you don;t need them.

Strategies to earn more money can be :

  • extra income : start another job part time too
  • find a job with tips
  • sell any product you might not need
  • satisfy your needs without buying fancy brands and the most expensive phone
  • quit smoking and add that money in your saving box.

In case all that above makes you sad then you might not be able to travel to 5,6 countries. Also your sacrifices  shouldn’t  influence your mental healthy. It depends on your personality. For example I am happy by reading my book, watching movie at home, walk in front of the sea. I never felt that I miss something in my life in order to travel.

Whatever happens to my health, to my career my dream is to travel all over the world. I am committed to my dreams therefore to my saving plan for my travelling



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