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Lovely people two days I been to my favorite beach KONNOS beach around 18:30 and I experienced mosquito attack.  I recommend you to avoid visiting Konnos Beach after 18:00 clock! Day time is safe.

  1. Prevent mosquito to enter your house. Maintain fly screens on doors and windows
  2. Use spray which are containing picaridim or DEET. inside and around the house.
  3. Did you know that light colors get away mosquito away from you! So choose to be wear light colored clothing on your holiday in Cyprus !
  4. Avoiding consuming so much beer on your holidays. Drinking a 12 ounce bear make some more attractive for mosquito

But what you should do if mosquito bites you while you are on holidays?

  1. find ice and hold it in the area you have been bite
  2. go to pharmacy ask for a specific  cream
  3. In Cyprus we add vinegar in the area ( but I never tried that method)
  4.  Some of our lovely  customers also recommended  “”I heard to place a very hot teaspoon on the bites, it breaks down the protein and stops the itching. I’ve yet to try that method. Also odourless garlic capsules taken about 2 weeks before you go away stops them. Pars is going to try this”





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