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It is Christmas time. Gifts , surprises , family gathering , celebrations. Cultures and religions which are celebrating Christmas , all of them in the menu there is food!:PEither traditional food or cuisine from other countries, either we baked our best cake to have it as a dessert. But what we can do in order to not gain weight in Christmas ?

  1. Breakfast! Breakfast!Breakfast! Don’t miss the most important meal of the day.A healthy breakfast can be you active and well for whole day
  2. Don’t sit in one place. Keep your legs moving please ! That days we don’t go to gym but we can remind ourselves during the day to keep moving
  3. Don’t over do it because is Christmas. Eat mindfully. When you get yourself to not feel hungry anymore, don’t continue eating until you get full because you see a lot food and new flavor on the table. If you want put small portion of everything in your plate.
  4. Sleep well. Sleeping habits are important for our health in general. It is logical to eat two before you sleep in order to get better sleep too.
  5. Another idea is to eat before you go out. You might go our for a drink and you will start feeling hungry. In that case most of us will eat junk food from somewhere. We can avoid it if we eat at home


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