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In Cyprus we use a lot the phrase ” siga siga” which means ”slowly slowly”. We are small country and we do not have such a time pressure daily life like other cities such as London, Moscow.


Before you come in Cyprus you can visit this blog and scroll down and other sites to get ideas what you can do. Then take a pen or open a world document or better download google maps offline and flag the places you want to visit. So advice number one is  to make a list of everything you want to see.  Make it fun and give a memorable name to the places you would like to visit and prioritize which one you liked the most.


Holidays are not forever, we wish to be… From the places you saw and you wanted to visit then make a days trips schedule. Choose the destinations and place that are closed toe each other. So my second advice is to  Schedule everything in time and follow your schedule


We are on holidays and we want to be flexible so if you do not follow your schedule, re schedule uncompleted places and sights immediately.

And Remember you are on holidays. In the island of beauty and cypriot hospitality is almost everywhere.


-Including places that you find them nice for yourself!!!! Have FUN!!! Remind yourself that you are on holidays!!!




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