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What an enjoyment when I write in my blog! Today I had the idea for writing some tips for our safety when we travel! Most of my writers here are travelling to Cyprus ( to my home country). Cyprus is one of the most safest country in the world but it is still necessary to follow some tips for our own safety. So lets start !

1.Be aware who is surrounded.  If you are traveler like me who wants to discover every corner and see every sight seeing then you get easily distracted. Famous tourist attractions is the places that pickpockets chilling.



2. There is no need in your holidays for showing off your expensive clothes or jewelry, or packing expensive shoes or clothes

3.The most sad principle is not to carry with your professional camera around your neck. It is so true regarding my experiences when I was in Saint Peterburg people try to steal my wallet and they surrounded on the bus . But they saw me with my camera

4. Plan your day trip and search for specific areas before you go. It is important to know where you are going, in order to not get lost. It important to add a star in your accommodation in google maps .




5.Carry your alarm with you !  Every time I travel I have a small alarm with me everyday with me and I feel that I am safe and one case I use it too.  I am also careful with cabs and taxis because of women trafficking.

6.If you are going out and your aim to get drunk be close to your hotel or accommodation and with someone you can trust. Stick with your travel buddy! If you are solo traveler then don’t get drunk !



7.Organize your daily spending and carry that amount with you. You don’t need to carry all your money with you! Regarding though out cash with  ATM, choose a machine in a well-lit, high traffic area, in safe location. For example shopping center , airport 


8. Copies of your passport or id is a good idea to have it with you just in case you might need it and keep the original in your accommodation

9. Know all the emergency numbers have a list of them and where is your closest embassy of your country.

10. Most important use your common sense such a lock your windows and door while you are sleeping ,dont leave your bag open while you are walking, dont forget your bag in a bar or restaurant , dont carry unnecessary things with you, avoiding dark streets.

Travelling in almost 20 countries for the last 5 years it is been amazing experience. My dream is to travel all over the world. I keep all the above in my head when I travel and there is nothing wrong to be solo traveler! It is a wonderful feeling if you see your common sense!








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