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1.Safe box

Keep your things safe in a safe box. Many hotels and villas provide you safe box. It is good idea to use it. We will advice you to avoid bringing with you many jewelries  while you are on holidays.

Lockers in Praga

2. Keep cash and cards next to you while you are travelling. Both of them are equal important. 

You might forget your pin code from your viza credit card. We are all humans , or your bank might not operate to you destination ( rarely though). It is always a good idea to have alternative option and some cash with you.


3.Keep your money in separate bags but close to you.

It is good idea to spread your money in two different places in case of someone stole your luggage you will always have some money aside.


4.Have your day spending in one pocket. So when you pay nobody can see how much money actually you have with you. Be aware who is around you.

5. Make copies of your most important documents. In Cyprus we accept copies of your documents in most of the places.

6. Avoid to attract thief. For example avoid to wear expensive watches , hold your professional camera in front of you. You can keep it in your bag and have your bag in front of you for example.



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