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Cyprus is always melting in summer but how about Europe? For us is usual phenomenon hot temperatures and we get used it since we born , but from others might be extremely hard to sleep at night, feeling dizzy and tired without reason it called heat exhaustion! Extra cautious need to be dogs, kids and elderly people or people with general healthy issues


My blog is here to provide some daily habits which can make our lives easier in heat waves phenomenons.

  1. Consume a lot of water. Drink a lot of water to hydrate yourself all the time. Always next to you or near by need to be a class of water , bottle of water preferable not plastic. Plastic in the heat is melting and can produce a lot of difference chemicals
  2. Keep yourself cool. Such as hold a wet towel next to put in your face, cool your foot because always heat from the bottom to up.
  3. Avoid touch with sun and stay under shadow, try to walk in a shade, sleep in a cooler room if it possible
  4. Prefer to wear clothes that is made from 100% cotton rather than synthetic.
  5. Frequent shower if you feel that temperature is killing you !
  6. Always fan that blows air are healthier from air conditioning

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