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Lovely friends, it is being an amazing journey of running for first year my blog and recommend you places to visit. Thank you all of 19.000 viewers of my blog from more than 20 countries worldwide with number to be United Kingdom and number 2 Russian.

The last week I was thinking if I will run that blog whole year around , I have decide to run it seasonal although that you are love is amazing. I will post articles in winter for different destinations but not for Cyprus as that blog is personal too and I am sharing my personal experiences with you.

Because I am always thinking of you and I admire for loving Cyprus I am writing this article for ideas if you are visiting Cyprus off season. . Lets start with the weather first and temperatures :

Weather Information for all year around!!

Then what things you can do visiting Cyprus off season ?

4 Amazing Things to do in Cyprus

How about visiting our wonderfull waterfalls :

Every Tuesday : Discover Cyprus with us


How about visiting Larnaca ?

3+ 1 Beach View Places in Larnaca!

Some day Trips ideas such as :

Machaira monastery is one of the most famous !

Machairas Valley- Monastery and Onoufrios Church ( photos and videos)

Omodos :

Things to do and restaurants to eat in Ayia Napa and Protaras

Kavo Gkreko – 10+1 Things To Do

Off season:Things To do In Ayia Napa(photos videos)

Cyprus – Solo Traveler what to see( photos and video)

Windmills Car Hire:The most romantics spots and places to confess your love( photos)

If you would like to book you car in advance feel free to contact us !!

Windmills Car Hire – Family Business!!!
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