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Twenty two days at home…

Some people get crazy with the idea to be home for such a long time , some others at the beginning they love the idea and then they get anxious. Finally some others have a list to do and so many things to do that even 22 days are not enough. All of us though we have something common: ” Time to spend with ourselves”

Time to spend with ourselves that can be sound excited , adventures , scary, don’t you think? You have time for self reflection , some of us we did not have idea how important it is. We have time to through back our experiences, memories. We have time to realized how interesting it is our life journey. Life lessons, disappointment , failures , hard decisions, happy moments , sharing knowledge , helping others, spreading smiles all over the world , travel , receiving appreciation and respect. How we handle situations and how we transform all that negative feeling into positives in order to become stronger.

There are moments that you want to break up the window and just touch the leaves in the trees, they are moments you want to breath fresh oxygen without listening any sound of cars , factories. There are moment that you just want to go out and touch the snow..

There are moments that you want to break the camera on your phone and just drive or walk to give a hug to your favorite people. There are moments that you want to go to your favorite restaurant and take a walk. There are moments that watching tv , reading a book , learning new language , attend online course are not ENOUGH.

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In such moments you need to prove to yourself how strong you are , review all the obstacles in your life and see the reality’. Realized that ‘ This situation is peace of cake, or determine yourself that you can do it ” It is time to prepared our favorite meal at home, to start eating healthy, prepared our best coffee, do exercise… It is time to be healthier emotionally stronger , spiritual better be improving our creativity, physical better by eating healthier and exercise

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Season had change, trees become green

and dreams are standing still !

Stay home is our hope

which can connect us all!

We will have a story to tell

when everything comes to an end

Stay strong from now on

because the ” show” must go on…

Lyrics: Georgia Eleftheria Tsiolakki


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