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The tiny wild snails called karaoli emerge in vast numbers with the autumn rains.They’re especially common in Cyprus!

Snails can be served in difference ways in Cyprus! Today with my aunt and uncle we prepared snails with onion and tomatoes!

First we need to wash 4,5 times snails while their alive! Second step is to boil them in a hot water with some vinegar (to be washed better). After snails are ready we cut the back part of them like in the video!

My uncle is an expert I am so slow in that!

While we are waiting snails to be cooked we cut 3,4 onions into slices and smash fresh tomatoe!

I am cutting the end part of snails! I am so slow!

We add onions and tomatoes to two separated pans with cooking oil! Will look like that!

Video with two pans

We wait until the mixture will become thinker! Then we add onions, tomatoe together add salt and pepper! We mix them and mix and the we add snails!

Add everything together

Will look like that and we are waiting until snails observe some liquid

Some fried cypriot patotoes for started 🙂


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