Dear lovely friends, I had so much fun when I was writing that quiz. I hope you had too. Let’s learn about Cyprus together. 🙂 Another quiz will follow too with a lot of photos for places to visit and discover ! All correct answers is at the end and it will take you less than 1 minute to complete our unique quiz.


1. What time of the year we cut the wheat
a) March
b) April
c) May
d) June

2) What is the name of this currency?

  • a) mils
  • b) selini
  • c) lira
  • d) grosi


3)Where is that church?

  • a) Ayia Napa
  • b) Derynie
  • c) Paralimni
  • d) Protaras

4)What is the name of this church ?

  • a) Saint George
  • b) Saint Varvara
  • c) Saint Nicholas
  • d) Saint Dimitrios


5)Where is that place in a city or in mountains ?


6)Which village we call strawberry village?

  • a) Deryneia
  • b) Sotira
  • c) Paralimni
  • d) Frenaros

7)When is the best time to eat cypriot strawberries ( two correct answers)

  • a) March
  • b) April
  • c) May
  • d) June


8)Which village we grow a lot patotoes?

  • a)Liopetri and Xilofagou
  • b)Frenaros
  • c)paralimni
  • d)Deryneia


9) Where is that church?

  • a)Paralimni
  • b)Larnaka
  • c)Nicosia
  • d)Limasol


Answers: 1b, 2a,3c, 4d, 5city limasol old streets, 6a, 7bc, 8a, 9d

9/9 You got all questions correct! Well done you are interested and love for Cyprus it is obvious. You are part of our culture and we will like to say a big thank for taking time to get to know our culture.

6-8 answers correct answers: Really good. You know some information for Cyprus and you are interested to learn more, makes us really happy as Cypriots. Next time you will take that quiz you will perform excellent.

Less than 6 answers correct: Thank you for taking that quiz. You already discover little bite of Cyprus. We are happy for taking that quiz and gain opportunity to learn more about our culture!