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September we were expecting to see most of you with your lovely smiles ,positive energy to give you a hug and recommend you places to visit , get ready your car insurance too.

September for many businesses like us is the best month because everything runs smoothly with positive energy. This September is the most weird September ever. Businesses are in the edge of survival , people are concern what will happen next, most important how they will make living until the next season.

What we can do all of us is to criticize the system and do not believe what media are writing and saying. For example I am living in Pamplona and you hear for Spain that are so many cases in the city I live only 6th floor is used for covid19. Search to discover the truth because truth can safe the world from now on. The isolation of what is familiar and what is truth is the best technique.

Also we all focus in covid19 why? ´They´ want us to take our rights of living ,enjoying life and be happy because being united is what scares people in power. Now they dividend nations with that categories think, in order to encourage self isolation , encouraging racist behavior and anger among people.The most important is that ´they´ are taking away our democratic rights by forcing us to wear masks. Wearing mask it means lack of communication with other people , you walk and can´t read the body language of other people, hardly you can see them in their eyes, you speak a foreign language and people hardly can understand you because they can read your mouth.

My only advice nice people from all over the world is to follow correct information ,stop watching news everyday and go out to meet nice people! Few of us will make the difference in that world. The oneS who believed in faith and they do not let anyone to take away their dreams. They work in their dreams and they can unstoppable even if they run out of resources.

Here are some nice articles regarding brainwash :


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