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All the diving places are required AOW or OW. If you would like to dive without diplomas we can recommend a diver instructor.  PLease contact me on 0035799164387

The Shipwreck of Kyrenia Diving Area

  • Place: Agia Napa
  • Deep: 23 meters
  • Visibility: 25 meters
  • Accesible: With Boat

History : This old warship was donated by the Ministry of Defense of Cyprus to sink in March 2015 with the aim of creating an artificial reef to encourage the increase of marine life in the area.

Sea Caves Kavo Gkreko

  • Location :Kavo Greko
  • Type: Rocky area
  • Deep: 12 -14 meters
  • Visibility: 20meters

Characteristics :  You can see lovely hidden caves among the Cavo Gkreko. You can see lava rocks and a range of marine life such as hammers, octupuses, turtles, sea bream, hawthorns.

The Canyon

  • Place: Kavo Gkreko nothern part
  • Type: Rocky
  • Deep: 22 meters
  • Visibility : 25 meters
  • Accessibility from the coast

Characteristics: Lovely unexpected shapes of rocks formations. For example walls and canyons with crystal clear waters, corals and a variety of marine life. WARMING the diving spot it is little dangerous and it requires good physical conditions.

Green Bay

  • Type: Rocky
  • Deep: 10 meters
  • Visibility: 25meters
  • Accessibility: from coast

Characteristics: There  are pieces from ancient amphorae at the seabed. Also variety of different fist species at the famous fish rock. It is pretty famous and it has approved by the PADI as a limited space for training.

Nonessis II Fishing Boat

  • Location : Protaras
  • Deep :26 meters
  • Visibility : 20 meters
  • Accessibility: with boat

History : Was built in 1956. It was sunk in 2013 with the aim of creating and artificial reed to encourage the growth of marine life in the area






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