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Yesterday we listened in news that snake bite a small boy. There is nothing to worry just follow our tips lovely people !!Due the heavy rain in winter there is huge probability to see snakes either in lakes, in countryside, in villages.

In Cyprus we have 8 different types of snakes. Only oxia is really dangerous. If oxia ever bites,  you will see two small wholes on the spot.

Especially in May and June you might see snakes!

Tips how to prevent:

1)if you would like to explore natural parks or any national parks such as Kavo Gkreko, pleaase don’t wear any flip flops. Preferable to wear long pants covering all your leg and trainers please

2)if you own a house in countryside please ask someone to spray(ψεκασμα) around your house

3)keep in mind our emergency numbers which are summarized here:

Windmills Car Hire- Emergency phone lines

Links to see what snakes we have


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