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Although that my country is divide since 1974 and 37% of the island is OCCUPIED from Turkish government, I feel safe compare to the other countries.

All your documents ( driving licence , travel health insurance, health insurance ) are valid in recognized Cyprus Government.  Cypriots we don’t steal things and if we see that something doesn’t belong to us we don’t even touch it.



If you would like to pass the border please check with your insurance companies if your insurance is valid in the occupied site of the island. Almost all car hires insurances for example does not cover you to drive in the occupied site. The jurisdiction of your country does not exist in the occupied part of Cyprus ( in case of emergency non of the official institutes and embassies of your country can provide with any help).

Also there are some laws for example :

The Republic of Cyprus currently imposes a limit of 40 cigarettes per person on crossing the Green Line from north Cyprus.

British and other foreign nationals who have entered Cyprus through the north (such as via Ercan airport) are considered by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus to have entered Cyprus through an illegal port of etry. The Government of the Republic of Cyprus reserves the right to fine you for illegal entry if you cross into the south, or decline you entry into or exit from the Republic.






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