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I am often asked to recommend a coffee shop. Difficult as I do not drink coffee.

Today I agreed to meet a friend at Robustos, a coffee shop cum wine bar cum deli in Paralimni.

When I arrived, he explained why I did not like coffee, why I found it to be unpleasant and bitter. He then went on to explain why I found it bitter and unpleasant, poor quality coffee, bad machine, brewed by someone who not a skilled barista, too hot.

Yes, I had found coffee scalding hot.

I learnt it should not be. It burns the coffee and makes it bitter.

He then suggested I try a cappuccino.

To my surprise I found I actually liked it. I did not even need to add sugar.

We were joined by a member of staff, a friend from school, and George the owner. I was impressed by their passion and knowledge of coffee.

But not only coffee, wine too.

Whilst were talking, a steady stream of customers to buy a bottle of wine.

If you looking for a bag of coffee or a bottle of wine to take home, cannot go far wrong with Robustos, and of course to relax with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, or try their specialty tea.

The coffee is roasted by Cup 10 in Athens.


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