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44377827_712127319172372_8139316140951207936_n (1).pngSince the Turkish invasion in 1974, my country  has been split into two. Greek Cyprus (in the south of the island) is part of the European Union but Turkish Cyprus (in the north of the island) is not part of the EU – neither is it officially recognized by the United Nations.

Buying property in Northern Cyprus can lead to possible legal issues over the right of vendors to offer certain homes for sale, AIPP does not accept companies representing property for sale in Northern Cyprus as members. This guide refers therefore only to property in Greek (southern) Cyprus.


Did you know that 60.000 of British citizens have homes in Cyprus! 🙂

The special relationship between Cyprus and Britain following decades of British rule, makes aspects of the island seem very familiar.

Cyprus follows the UK legal system and buying property is a generally straightforward process.

1. What is the purpose of buying a house?

For you holidays ?

Financial investment ?

Retire house ?

2. Which facilities are the most important to you ?

Sea view for relaxing time with your partner, hosting family and friends, doing sports or for working reasons ?

3. Prioritize your needs?

Is it budget, location, type of property or facilities?

Once you have these answers you’ll be clearer about what you are looking for and can move onto specifics.


You are not  able to take a mortgage from a UK bank to pay for a home that lies on different soil. But non-residents are permitted to take mortgages from a Cypriot bank on Cypriot property – a specialist overseas mortgage broker will help you search out the best deals.

Other Cost getting involved ?


  • Tax VAT (IVA): For new-build property, this is payable at the standard rate of 19%. ADVICE: Clarify if  is that  included in the property price
  • Stamp Duty: Between 0.15% and 0.20%
  • Bank charges: This includes the mortgage valuation fee which you’ll pay for even if the loan is not approved
  • Surveyor fees: A survey is optional but sensible ADVICE: We recomend to hire a solicitor run proper research in your land to make sure that there is not in mortgage, has title deeds. Will cost 1000 euros more or less
  • Land Registry fee:  A transfer fee is payable at the point at which the deeds are transferred. It’s charged on a sliding scale of 3% to 8% of the purchase price depending on the value of the property. (Note that fees will be lower if buying in joint names as the purchase value is divided between the two parties).
  • Legal Fees: These will vary according to the value of the property – but a good lawyer is worth paying extra for.



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