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I summarized some of useful phrases you might need for your holidays 🙂 Most of us though we speak english but is nice to hear you to speak in Greek too 🙂

The letter with the bold letter is the stressfor each world.

Hello – Gia sy
Good morning – kalimera
Good afternoon – kalispera
Good evening – kalo apogeuma
Bye – Gia sy
Where is the nearest police station? – Py ine o kodinoteros astinomikos stathmos?
Where is the nearest hospital? – Py ine to kodinotero nosokomio
Can I pay by credit card? – Mporna pliroso me pistotiki karta
Can I pay by debit card? –  Mporna pliroso me xreostikkarta
How much does this cost? – Posa stixizi
Thank you – Efxaristo




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