Brunch: Edem’s yard in Larnaka

Today I wanted to try something different. Finally in Cyprus we learn what is brunch and I visited one of the most delicious branch cafes based on my opinion and picky tastes ! We hardly got sits. The photos will convinced why is the best and the flavors will surprise you.









It is close to finikoudes and you can combine your branch with a nice a walk in sea front!


Do you know that Cyprus have lovely mountains and plenty of wine villages ?

This time I went to Troodos Square to enjoy the countryside among with cosy taverns in Troodos Square. In November the temperature in Troodos can 6 – 18 degrees it depends how lucky you are!!  I am always really unlucky 😛  so when I went was 6 degrees and raining but still wonderful!!


The follow videos has a sound please because I was listening to the radio.

I am catching the road before I reach Troodos Square! Nice green lovely 🙂


The photo above is from Troodos Square and the video below is the Troodos square as well.



Would you like to experience something different in Cyprus far from the beach?

Georgia went to kalidonia waterfalls and she took some lovely videos and photos especially for you 🙂

You can Google Kalidonia waterfall and Google navigator can navigate there!


Then is only 3km hiking with 3 level of difficulty so you don’t need to be fit :p





More photos:





Open bank account in Cyprus: What you need?


Personal bank account in Cyprus

For an individual is quite simple and easy to set up a personal bank account in Cyprus.

–  copy of a  valid passport, identity card (some banks will require notarized copies of identification documents);

–   an utility bill stating the residence address of the applicant (the bill cannot be older than 6 months)

–  an application form issued by the bank;


Corporate bank account in Cyprus

In order for a Cypriot company to open a bank account the following documents must be submitted:

  • the Articles of Association of the company;
  •  the Certificate of Incorporation;
  •  a certificate of good standing for foreign companies if they have been opened for over 2 years;
  • the Certificates of Directors and Secretary, the Certificate of the Registered Office;
  • the Share Certificate;
  • a proof of the registered office issued by the Group Principal Trading Offices;
  • an application form released by the bank.

In order to set up a Cypriot bank account for a partnership the following documents must be submitted:

  • the partnership agreement;
  •  the Certificate of Incorporation;
  • proof of the registered office;
  •  a certificate of the partners;
  • a certificate of good standing for foreign partnerships if they have been registered for over 2 years;
  •  an application form issued by the bank.

Corporate bank accounts can also be opened by representation through power of attorney.

We visited NICOSIA and we recommend ( VIDEO, photos, highlights)

Are you planning to visit Nicosia? We recommend you to visit Nicosia in WEEK DAYS! Also Nicosia is nice in night time as well. It is one of the destinations we recommend you to visit in October or in winter months because can get up to 45 degrees at summer.

The photo above shows Nicosia wall!

Nicosia of Lefkosia is the capital of Cyprus. Is the only divided capital in the world and people are living peacefully despite the fact.The center of Nicosia is Ledras. The name Ledras represent important history facts. Ledras or Ledraw was one of the twelve kingdoms of ancient Cyprus built by Achaeans after the end of the Trojan War.

It is not a bad idea and you will experience the multicultural and two communities lifestyles.

  • View of Nicosia from Shacolas Tower ( Ledras street access by foot)
  • Ledra Street
  • Verandas in old Nicosia, on the right Leventis Municipal
    Museum of Nicosia
  • Archbishop’s Palace
  • Pedieos river linear park.
  • Nicosia Municipality building at Eleftheria Square ( close to Ledras walking distance)
  • The World of Cyprus, an acrylic painting with a total length of 17.5 meters by Adamantios Diamantis in Leventis Gallery
  • Ayias Faneromenis Street in Ledras ( photos access by foot)
  • Momunent of Human Rights in Ledras ( video access by foot)


More photos :

Tourist information office

Getting lost in the small lanes