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Omodos is a village in the Troödos Mountains of Cyprus in Limassol District of Cyprus and is 80 kilometers from the city of Nicosia. The village produces a lot of wine and has wine festival every August.


Omodos is surrounded by other Villages such as Mandria, Potamiou, Vasa , Malia. There are three verisions regarding why it is called Omodos. Some people believe that the name omodos is from the Cypriot world modo which is reflect take your time. Other people believe regarding documents a feudal lord was living there and they name village Omodos after him. The last version due the fact that Omodos is connecting villages and they are many roads the name came from the Greek word odos which mean streets.


In Omodos you can find the Cyprus Lace workshops. Also you can book a list of workshop.




In Omodos you can find one church in the middle of the square. The monastery of the Holy Cross. In the square there are few cafeterias to have your coffee and some shops selling try fruits, tradition bread and other traditional products.



In the short streets you can find small handmade shops and cafeterias.






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