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We all know that I love exploring, taking photos, travelling, discovering new places in Cyprus and in abroad. That’s why I love my job because I am working with tourists , I received happy faces and holiday mood, I am listening their life expereiences. So I can continue to be creative to be happy to keep working hard and enjoying life.


In Cyprus my daily life in off season is to walk in front of the sea almost 4 times per a week but I prefer to go every day 30 minutes at least.



To sit in my balcony and ready my book I adore my book for this years is about body language. To drive in the motorway to go and visit my cousin and my adorable aunts in Ormideia




Everyday I took photos of something nice. like my eyes is capturing it and that is the reason I came up with this blog. My hobby for photography lead to such appreciation from all of you reading my post with English grammar mistakes though. My apologies for that it is because of lack of time.



My excursion days in Cyprus are adorable because I am amazed how beautiful Cyprus is!!!




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