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I was thinking to write or not to write about it. As always we would like to provide correct information to our tourist and lovely people that follow our blog.

Early morning approximately 01:00 an explosion took place in the are of Vouno , fake government call it as ”Tashkent”. Explosion took place in OCCUPIED SITE OF ISLAND which is 20km northneast Nicosia. 

Lets go back to our history. Nicosia in the only capital in the world that is occupied for so many years.  Nicosia or Lefkosia is the only divided capital in the world. So north Nicosia( Lefkosia ) is still occupied after turkish invasion in 1974.

OAfter we clarify that explosion was in occupied side now lets analysed that fact regarding your safety and travel in Cyprus! According to Greek Cypriot military analysis Andreas Pentaras said the debris suggested it was a Russian made S-200 missile.

Lovely people I do understand for your concern as a Cypriot I do have that concern too because of our geographical positing but our international politics aim is to keep friends with as many countries as possible!

Analyzing our geographical position briefly:

  • Cyprus is situated in the middle of the ancient world (Syria, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, Greece and Crete). For this reason the island accepted many different cultures. So it is not surprising that Cyprus has experienced a very ancient culture.
  • The geographical position of Cyprus between the three continents of Europe, Asia and Africa helps the island to develop trade and tourism relations with countries in these continents.

I always recommend to tourist if they want to be safe then they need to have holidays in the recognized Republic of Cyprus not in North occupied side! Your embassy and British base will always protect you! Don’t be afraid of coming in Paradise! 🤗🤗♥️❤️💙 



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