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We would like to express our feelings and how happy we are meeting you all in our small cute business WINDMILLS CAR HIRE!It is already middle of the season and time flies really quick when you do what you love doing!

A big appreciation for following us in our blog and supporting our blog!It is the middle of the seasons and together we reach 15.000 views and 6000 visitors with number one UNITED KINGDOM! I am really happy not because of numbers but because of your pure love for Cyprus and interested to discover our islands. Your interested in our culture , history , food and sightseeing is admirable. Your feedback for our blog amazing and your mode when you are travelling fabulous!


Our blog already has another 115 places to recommend you , already schedule until the end of the season 2020. Our blog photos , videos and ideas are UNIQUE with many other sides again try to copy us. Although that  you might find few of our recommendation in some other pages photos and videos are unique to provide unique reading experience to our readers !

In our blog you will discover different beaches information for diving beaches, blue flag beaches and accessible beaches for people with disabilities.


Every Monday we update you with the weather. Every Tuesday we discover Cyprus together and every week we have a new recommendation for places to visit .Useful tips and car hire advices, also advices if you are interested to move out in Cyprus too!In our blog you are one step closer to our Cypriot hospitality by recommending different desserts and foods to try !

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But we never forget our history , Cyprus history. We created unique quiz that help you to learn our history in a fun way and get educated more regarding Cyprus! All that in one blog and ALL THAT BECAUSE YOUR LOVE AND YOUR RECOGNITION GIVE US STRENGTH TO CONTINUE WRITING!



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