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How many times we are passengers and we say goodbye to each other because we live in seperate streets? Common habit of our day life!

How many times we meet people, friends, family and we say’,” goodbye”. Now that I am writing that article I am sitting in metro, seeing people come and go! Some of the passengers are tired, sad, happy etc. Passengers well dress up, some other casual and some other with sport clothes!

All of us we have our belongings, some of us a bag on our shoulder, some others a wallet, some others in their pockets!

How many of us we have our ” belongings” that matter the most? Our belong memories!

Most of them have their own story, their own experiences, their own life, their style.

While I am reaching my destination, my inner though says:” People come and go, but memories stay”. Now matter what clothes we are wearing, no matter how much is our salary, we are all happy being creating new memories by remembering some memories from the past.

Our story of our life, are that sad memories which highlighted our life, our personal development. That memories which helps us to learn, to overcome obstacles, to approved to ourselves who we are!

Memories bad or goods, happy or sad makes us stronger, happier and sometimes sad.

Our life journey starts with memories. Our dreams are based on creating memories!


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