Meet Georgia

Hello, hola, привет, γεια σας!

My name is Georgia and I am the author of this blog! I love new adventures and meeting people from all over the world! That is the reason my passion is to learn languages and photography!

My dream is to be able to speak fluently 4 languages and to travel all over the world!

Guess what is my job? I am working in tourist sector running our family business and meeting lovely tourist evey year! I can’t imagine myself working in another sector!

My working experience and my cv you can find it in linked Georgia Eleftheria Tsiolakki because is really interesting and skillful 😂

But why I am blogging and how all that started? I started writing just to keep organised my photos and create an online calendar for myself! It is time consuming but I enjoy it! I love sharing my experiences with you and recomending places to tourist based on my experiences!

The reason I add donate button is to help me to Discover more places by covering my expenses! I don’t want to add in my blog advertising asides and make it look like other commercial blog

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