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Wonderful friends we all know that my blog is about sharing experiences , moments with you! It is not just for sight seeing but become all together as family , sharing experiences and share some topic for discussion.

Today I feel like writing as I am graduating and my student life is coming to and end. My first degree in Business Management with master thesis ” What is the level of Job Passion in Tourist sector” was super fantastic. I still remember getting lost in Brighton and first year of my studies failing all modules because of language barrier. Proudly I was the only Cypriot girl manage to start and graduate in 3 years time in Business Management.

Before even that journey starts I remember some people expressing their opinion that it is not a good choice for me to study in UK because my English are not in that level! Of course like always I ignored them , my advice is never give a shit what other people think , nobody know your potential better than you !!

My first semester in Brighton, I learned that failure is part of my life, was part of my first semester in University.  Studying 10 hours per a day ( I am not exaggerating)  at weekends everyone was partying and I was studying in order to improve my language skills. It is not a shame to fail , but it is a shame to not to keep trying and never give up. 

Since 21 years old I just finished my studies ( youngest in my home town and from my school that I graduate in such a young age) and started helping out my father in his business. Again I had different lifestyle for someone who is 21 years old, my friends just started their studies and many times I said to them that I will go out with them but I was failing asleep because of work. Another lesson , sometimes you need to make sacrifices and choices how you will spend your time.


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When the season in 2013 finished I went to Moscow on my own without knowing any Russian at all. There, I experienced  many life lessons in such a short term period of time. I have realized that people can be unreasonable mean to each other , that some people do not have manners. For example some people were taking my queue all the time because I was foreigner. Word such as trust is rare, if you keep your faith in humanity in Moscow is impossible even to get the metro in high pick up time :p. After graduate from one year course in Foundation in Russian Language and giving 5 exams regarding russian languages and history I came back to Cyprus with my certificate.

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While I was working full time and long hour to my father’s business , I always wanted master so I was finishing work 17:00 or 18:00 and then straight away to university 4 times a week until 21:30. My time was so limited and I sacrifice my sleep in order to graduate today. My lessons from my masters is NEVER GIVE UP even when something seems impossible.



In the meantime I was never stopping defending our human rights and social rights like I do now  and I was participating in different competitions in order to win a free travelling tickets to speak up about human rights and social rights!



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