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A beautifully atmosphere, the snow, blue skies and breathtaking scenery attracts everyone. Sky lovers can enjoy their enthusiastic sports in Mount Olympus. We call it ‘Chionistra’, translated is ‘the snowy one’, and is very popular for snowboarders and skiing. If you are beginner you can join ski lessons for ski and snowboards and rent out equipment for the day.


Troodos Square:Surrounded by a few remaining hotels of the area, the square has recently been renovated yet kept its traditional mountain look. In the heart of the square is a playground. Children can also go on a guided short horse or donkey ride in the streets just off the square, under the trees.

Roads in Troodos. We are surrounded by white lovely snow!

Selfie Video

Live video snowing close to the ski resort.

Ski Resort and Ski Lessons.

Photo Gallery:

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