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I am the most richer person in the world!

Many people does not find it right that I am traveling but in my traveling I see the real world because Cyprus is not the complete picture of real world.

I met homeless people waking up morning but double portions to give it to them, I saw people throwing rubbish on the streets, i saw people not pension standing up first before the trains stops and not let anyone to pass, I saw people try to steal, I saw people taking my queue, I saw people not serving me and watching me stand in the queue because I dont speak their language (only in Prague)

But that homeless people say thank you to me, another homeless person was always smiling, when my hat fall from. My hand someone ran and gave to me, when I was trying to order someone help me with the language, when I get lost someone help to find me way! When I was smiling someone smile back to me that homeless person.


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