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The idea behind of this article….

Lovely people today I have received email for one company ( I will not say name) regarding getting reviews for my business. I go upset because I really hate fake reviews and I find unethical for business that they do that. Such business, they don’t respect their customers first of all and their company.

After receiving that email as a professional entrepreneurs and running our family business based on ethical behaviors and keep in mind our Corporate Social Responsibility I find it correct to give you some tips regarding fakes reviews.

Here are some tips and advice that I do ….

First of all if you would like to use any service even us make a cross research  regarding organisation. Google reviews is really hard to be fake because you need to have gmail account to write one. Search in different consoles such as google , trip advisor , facebook page, find customers and ask them regarding service.

Second click on viewers profile and feel free to ask him kindly. Always recommendations from previous customers are the best because they can describe their experience.

Third advice is to check the dates for each review. Start from the most recently and check at least 10 reviews. The first reviews of many organisations are fake.

Windmills Car Hire Reviews: 

We find this article as a really nice excuse to say THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone for taking time to recommend us and write us a review almost everywhere! Trip advisor  Protaras forum , recommending us in Facebook and in different other sites. A HUGE THANK YOU FROM THE BUTTON OF OUR HEARTS!








One Reply to “How to spot FAKE reviews”

  1. Only one e-mail from a company offering to write a fake review. Hoteliers get these offers regularly. Dishonest hoteliers take up the offer.

    Name and shame the scum.

    TripAdvisor is worthless. It is a cesspit of fake reviews, trolls, rivals dishing rivals.

    Fake reviews are easy to spot.

    – all singing from the same hymn sheet.

    – only one review

    – at odds with other reviews

    Students are being paid £10 for each fake review, offered free drinks and meals.

    At a hotel I was asked to write a favourable review. I said no, I would write a fair review. All the reviews I saw were fake, all singing from the same hymn sheet, praised named members of staff, bore little resemblance to the hotel or what people staying there were saying, especially the declining number of regulars who were not happy at the fall in standards. Even a tour rep expressed concern the reviews did not match what she was seeing or being told.

    What myself and the tour rep noticed, genuine reviews were removed.

    Ignorant management at the hotel, if raised anything, walked away.

    Annoyed by the fake reviews, which were misleading people, I wrote a review, a fair review, the good, the bad, the ugly and where improvements were required. For my effort, giving valuable feedback, I received a threatening letter from hotel management

    Fake review of an excellent hotel complained how poor the meze at their Cliff Bar. They do not serve food at their Cliff Bar.

    An excellent restaurant repeatedly targeted by what we believed to be jealous rivals.

    If complain fake review, insufficient words. If get a reply TripAdvisor claim personal opinion therefore ok and refuse to take down. Even though factually incorrect.

    Tui were dumping clients on a building site. Hotel reviewed, with pictures, to show a building site. TripAdvisor deleted review, claimed was breach of their terms and conditions. When asked to highlight relevant clause and what in the review was in breach, refused.

    TripAdvisor forced to admit was being paid by the hotel to promote them.

    The hotel featured in a centre spread in Daily Mail, on BBC Holiday programme, on a Tenerife news site. showing it was a building site.

    The problem is every idiot has a smart phone.

    Can someone who eats at McDonald’s review a restaurant?

    Can someone who drinks coffee at Starbucks review a coffee shop?

    To both the answer is no.

    Google maps was better because the reviewer had to identify themselves. But even Google maps is now being plagued with fake reviews.

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