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How to use effective social media in order to not waste your time…

We all catch ourselves of holding the phone while someone is speaking to us, while we are going out with our friend, reaching to the point that we feel victims of the screen. But they are tips of to use social media effective and not wasting our time especially on our holidays! Believe me, I am social media manager managing so many platforms and I still have time to read my book, to walk in front of the sea, to hug out with my friends without holding my phone.  What are the tips that I follow:

  1. Block your access in pages , website that you waste your time. For example gossip sites, videos. Okay not everything whatever represent your personality and help you to develop yourself or giving you positive energy you can leave. For example in my cases I have funny videos, inspiration videos and about travelling of course. But I deleted some peoples profiles online newspapers , gossip magazines
  2. I download an application which is calculating how much time I am using my phone and which app I am using most. I add limit on it and in one phone I am allowed to use it not more than 1 hour per a day. So I hold my self accountable. If you don’t want to download an application you can keep a diary and write down how many hours you are in social media every day.
  3. I set up a time that I will use internet everyday. If you lost control set an alarm when I have to stop holding my phone
  4.  Delete some apps such as facebook , instagram and access them online though google
  5. Turn off notifications from different applications such as what’s up, viber, messenger etc
  6. Get a new hobby instead of spending your free time in social media , or download app that motivates you to exercise or reading or anything you are interested and make more happy.  For example I download duolingo app and learn spanish and my free time I love to read books and swimming and catch up sometime fort akin

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But what happens when you make your living in social media ? What we should do in that case? I will type some advice though my experience of being social media manager for 3 years now…

  1. Being a social media manager it is a wonderful job because you meet lovely people online and they are really kind at least my customers 🙂 In order to balance my personal life with my work life I set up hours that I am answering messages and request to my lovely people. 
  2. I set up my daily stories so my customers can see why I am not answering.



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