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Commandaria wine is the oldest wine in the worlds. Is the wine of kings in Roman Years. God of wine is Dionysios.

Commandaria is made from Black or Xynisteri grapes, It is red dry wine. The Cypriots wine roots in Ancient Greek Roman years and Egyptian years. Wine still have important role in our daily lives and many local villages produce their own wine. You can find different wine yards in Troodos mountains.

In the folklore museum in Kakopetria you can see the history of wine through centuries! A small video of Kakopetria and photos from the museum!

Wine festival is in Limassol every year at the end of August.

If you would like you visit our wine museum in Erimi Village. The Museum is housed in the site where archaeologists have discovered wine dating back to 3.500 BC

Varieties of Grapes:

  1. Xynisteri : white grape gives exceptionally light white wines.
  2. Maratheftiko or Vamvakaki : red grape variety that gives wines with great aging potential.
  3. Black : red variety of grapes.It covers 60% of the Cyrpiot vineyard.
  4. Eyed Red grape that is produces in small quantities.
  5. Yiannoudi a variety of red grapes.
  6. Promara white variety of grape rare variety
  7. Lefkada red variety that came from Lefkada a few decades ago.


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