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Cypriot Cuisine in my opinion is really healthy compare to other countries. In our recipes and first dishes we included salads, olives, olive oil, herbs. For desserts we have try fruits, honey, yogurt, almonds, ” glika tou koutaliou”.

Our traditional menu in daily base includes xalloumi cheese:

We eat it fried, Grilled and uncooked too. It is our easy meal to kill our hunger. Xaloumi with pitta bread and tomatoe. 😛

Xalloumi has different versions because can be made with a mixture of ships and goats milk in a cauldron, rennet is added, the heat is turned off and the curds are scooped up, squeezed, put in a mould and pressed.

The soft edition of xalloumi is anari. If you try anari, I recommend you to add honey on it with almonds. It is one of my favorite desserts. Oh my god I am feeling hungry by writing this article 😛 . From anari we make pourekkia which is a traditional dessert.


We still prefer to bake our own bread. The name is village bread. That is the reason that many bakeries are open from 6 clock in order to bake bread and sell it fresh and hot. Most of Cypriots prefer to eat local break instead of others. It taste different and is little sweet compare to the other breads. It is so delicious when is hot.

In Cyprus some houses are making their own jam such as strawberry jam from fresh strawberries , orange jam. A combination of fresh bread , fresh jam and feta or xaloumi will amazed you.

Olives and Olive Oil

Olives for us is another daily product we use. We have different types of olives black small olives ( I adore them , they are little salty ) , black big olives, green olives. I eat olives with tomatoes and bread. I love them grilled too because they become softer. Olive oil is used in daily base especially in our salad and in our foods too.


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