Famagusta – City with blank pages.

The name of Famagusta in greek is Amochostos. Famagusta used to be center of the District of Famagusta. People who lived in that city mention the aggressive development of the city and its lifestyle. Famagusta District still stands but with many Areas divided since 1974.

Famagusta beaches used to be the most famous and we call them golden beaches. Since the invasion area of Protaras became the tourist resort as a replacement of Famagusta.


Paralimni now is considering as the biggest city in Famagusta District. The word Paralimni means “by the lake”. Because Paralimni had a lake and still exist but it is try.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the whole lakebed was reclaimed for agricultural purposes. Paralimni has not always been where it is now. The symbol of Paralimni is Windmills because for each corner of village used to Windmills for agriculture growing tomatoes , patotoes, watermellon, mellon and others. Paralimni belongs to red soil villages.

A huge development arised after 1990 and Protaras start becoming a tourist resort




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