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How many times you have met people who tend to travel a lot?How many of your friends from childhood choose to travel, or spending all their savings in travelling?Some of us we met few people like that. Some of us more and some of us are actually living their dream and traveling around the world!

But why some people are choosing travelling instead of buying new car, buying a luxury apartment, buying expensive clothes, watches and shoes? One of my good friends told me always to remember number 6 and number 9! It depends from which perspective you will see that number! Some people will see it as 6 and some other as 9! So there is no right or wrong of not travelling and choose to spend your time and money differently.

Travelling is about gaining experiences, memories, feelings, spontaneous decisions and challenges! Traveling can help to become more educated by learning history, adapting yourself in new cultures  trying new foods , meeting nice people! Connecting flavors with people, tastes with emotions, experience with memories.



Every time I travel to a new destination or even the same or live in another country I feel that humanity is out there! When I return back home I am never the same person! I return back home every time with bigger list of friends that I feel sending them Christmas Cards.I return back home with better knowledge of other countries habits and routines, culture and food tastes!

I return back home with memories and with a nostalgic smile of every moment I spend in my traveling! I return back with a wish to travel again! Although that it have proven  that there is a social cost  when you travel a lot . Because of gaining an extraordinary experiences while you are travelling! In other people’s eyes you can be considered as alien and your old friends most probably will not longer be your friends because they do not want to listen something that they are not familiar with.  But not all of them, they will be always few true friends around us.

The real story of my real life!
Unique full with experiences and emotions but sad sometimes ♥️





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