Donkey Safari : Golden Donkeys Farm( photos)

Golden Donkeys Farm is one of the biggest donkey farms in Europe and is located at picturesque village named Skarinou. It is hosting around 200 donkeys and is one of the biggest farms in Europe.



The place is not just a farm but an area of multi cultures and tradition.People from all over the world are visiting the place to see these beautiful friendly animals that held a leading role at the farm life of the island during the ancient centuries. They are adorable animals and their main characteristics are their patience and strength.


At the stone-made farm, you can visit the stone-made olive oil mill, the well, the farm house with the wax figures, which are representing old farm activities.As well as a lot of olive trees, the herb’s garden and a lot more that will “travel” you back to the old times. During those times the donkeys had a leading role at the lives of the people.At the place there is also a nice cafeteria that serves delicious Cyprus coffee and a restaurant full of traditional taste.



Tel :70000620

Entrance: €4.00 adults €2.00 children

Open everyday from 9:30 – sunset

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