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Are you travelling alone in Cyprus ? There is no way to feel lonely in this beautiful and hospital island Cyprus! Georgia is a solo traveler in her own country to get experience and recommend you places.

It is good idea to rent a car as a solo traveler to have plenty of choices and thing to do around the island. Lets start the first day if you are a photo lover then you must take photos the follow beaches:

  1. Fig Tree Bay
  2. Konnos Beach
  3. Nissi Beach



Konnos Beach

If you would like to see a panoramic view and take adorable sunset photos then we recommend you Cape Gkreko.  Before the sunset take a walk to Kavo Gkreko and visit the love bridge, Ayioi Anargiroi Church, sea caves and the love Tree. Until you wake up and have that tour then day 1 will come to an end and you will feel hungry too. We recomend you to go and eat in Kalamies Restaurant in Pernera with a lovely sea view.

Day 2: 

We still recomend you to stay in the area and come to our office to give a map, take a bottle of water with you, charge your phone and your came and get ready!First destination can be Profiti Ilias Church ( photos).



Next Destination can be Protaras Pier and from there go for a boat trip to see closer the caves and learn about our history and invasion in 1974.  Do you still have energy! Yes you do because you are a traveler like me:). Amazing photos and place to see is the Sculpture Museum in Agia Napa, Monastery Of Ayia Napa in the heart of Ayia Napa too( photos). Do you start feeling hungry you can take your car and go to Liopetri River for a fish maze.



The photo above is Ayia Napa Monastery in the heart of Ayia Napa. We recommenced you to go at day time which is more peaceful and you enter the church.

Day 3:

Do you like to see churches then you must visit Paralimni town Center.


Then if you have time is nice to Visit Colden Coast beach there is a small Church Ayios Nikolaos and then Ayia Triada Beach and small harbor and have your frappe, Ayia Triada are close to Ayio Nikolaos 15 minutes walking maximum.

Ayia Triada

Day 3:

Lets get out of Protaras and Ayia Napa and change enviroment. Good idea is to taste our wines, maze food and agrotourism. We recomend you to go Lefkara( see our articles about lefkara in this blog). You can have a full day excursion visting Kato Drys wine village, Pano Lefkara to see what is Lefkarito and eat in tavern. There is really nice tavern to village next to Lefkara called Vavatsinia but Lefkara has too.


Day 4: You saw our beaches, you tasted our wines but before you go you shouldn’t missed a huge part of our history. A places that show that Cyprus has been occupied from many empires and countries since its existence. Choirokoitia it is a must, you will get experience of how people used to live in Neolithic Century( see our articles regarding Choirokoitia). Also Kalavasos Tenta you will experience how people use to live in Aceramic Neolithic Century( see our article regarding Kalavasos)



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