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20th of July for most of us is a date that recall our memories. 20th of July in 1974 Turks invaded my country. 49 years ago and as time pass probabilities to get back what we deserve is less.

My grandmother heart is there, my mother’s childhood is locked in a ghost house and my uncle identity is forgotten because he is missing!

My family my granny with 14 kids lost her houses! All my relatives are around the world! From Australia to Canada, from Canada to all over Cyprus 🇨🇾

It is not A TURKISH SIDE but OCCUPIED AREA, we don’t have borders but CHECK POINTS. We are victims of invasion but we are people with nice heart. We are asking for our human right back to know what happened to our missing people , to respect our religion and historical sights , to fight for a solution. Video is the reality of what happened if you are not strong emotional please don’t watch it!

36,2% of Cyprus is occupied after second occupation.


Articles of some unreasonable behaviors  in 1974 🙁

That is a documentary of our history 17 minutes!


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