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“Commandaria: Production and Traditional Practices” with an applicant of the Cyprus Wine Association “.

the olive tree: cultivation, derivatives, uses “with the requested Museum of Cypriot Food and Nutrition”.

“Cypriot dairy culture: traditional practices / manufacturing techniques and associated customary life” with the Cypriot Food and Nutrition Museum, the Municipality of Athienou, the Larnaca Famagusta Development Association, the Municipality of Aganthos, the Municipality of Lefkoniko and the Rizokarpasos Folk Group.

The art of weaving in Agios Andronikos Karpasia”, requested by the Agios Andronikos Community Council of Karpasia, “The construction of boats for kneading bread” with a request from the Moutoula Community Council “, Holy and Good Friday at Koliani, customs during the evening the Epitaph Sequence “with the Cilanites Group and the Cypriot Voices with the coordinating body of the Cyprus National Committee of UNESCO.

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