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Are you travelling in Cyprus and you would like to know what are the officials languages of the island?

Since past history we used to live together with Turkish Cypriot but after the invasion in 1974 my island is divide :(. Cypriot independence was establish in 1960 with two officially languages Greek and Turkish.

The officially government of Cyprus therefore has two formal language Greek and Turkish. Even the parliament does not know how to speak Turkish.

What language you should use for your holidays?

Based on our population research have shown that we belong to the most English Speaking countries in European Union. Most of us we can speak fluently English( but for our writing you can understand for my writing 😛 how bad it is).

You can speak English and ask us anything would you like. Small advice do not speak any turkish word because most of Cypriot are getting offended.

In Windmills Car Hire we are able to speak English, Russian basic German and Spanish.


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