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It is a lovely place and something magical that you will amazed. Cyherbia in Avgorou. It runs by a family of course and once you are enter you feel lost with the lovely natural smells all around. The entrance cost only 5 euros with a cup of tea. Not any tea but herbal tea! It is open everyday from 09:00-17:00. Kids would love and you too.

Nine different herb gardens, a distillation room for essential oils, a herb shop and tea room, a lavender labyrinth for meditation, the one and only Maze, and the woodland walk around Cyprus.




Activities :

  • Playground for kids: trails for kids, fairy house , educational programs
  • Game for kids though your visit: Children get an educational game sheet, where they can find hidden items in all areas of the park and learn more about herbs
  • Laboratory room visit: You can see the distillation room, where they produce their own essential oils and learn more about essential oils and they can browse our shop (teas, essential oils, cosmetics).
  • Discover Cyprus trees with  woodland: You can also walk in the woodland “Walk around Cyprus”, where they can discover cypriot indigenous trees, see wild birds, our fairy village and cottage


  • Cafeteria
  • Gift Shop

Address :

35.014375, 33.829072
Avgorou 5510

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